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Good Writing Saves Money

Not really news…but it’s a concept that maybe you’ve not thought of before.

By rewriting manuals to make it less time-consuming for readers to find the information they needed, FedEx saved $400,000. Per year.

Are your communications as clear and concise as they need to be? Would your costs be lower if your communications were more effective?

I hate to say it, but they’re spot on: ‘7 Stupid Reasons to Hire a PR Firm’

Often, I read articles – usually written by PR professionals looking for clients – about why businesses should hire a PR firm.

Well, here’s an interesting read about why you shouldn’t hire a PR firm.

The first time your organization or business hires someone to help with public relations – it’s likely that you will have a lot of questions about what, exactly, you are paying for. This article will teach you a bit about what you should expect when you hire a PR firm…and how to know if you’re getting smoke blown up your you-know-what.

Lesson #1: What would Don Draper do?

There are a lot of aspects of Mad Men that should not be taken to heart. We know that sleeping with your secretary and having vodka for lunch will not necessarily get you ahead. That said, this is an example of How It’s Done that I come back to time and again for inspiration.



Weak Ties = Better Results

A fascinating article about why our more distant network can provide more bang for the buck when networking, promoting and getting the word out.

The Unexpected Way To Use Your Social Network Strategically